Website update!

Thursday 24.01.2019

Spring is approaching at neck breaking speeds, which should be a good thing… unless it brings along some serious deadlines. It’s my third year studying game design and development and it’s about time to start wrapping up things. Usually this means that a thesis must be produced. For me, my thesis is a practical one - a game called Sofus Research. Actually a vertical slice of that game, but I intend to keep working on it after graduation and eventually put it up on Steam so that people could play it!

So far I’ve been pretty shy online but I knew, I need to change myself a little bit - or no-one will ever find out about this great game I’m making. So I decided to update my website and get the devblog going here. I’m also planning to get busy on Twitter to help spread the word.


Environment design isn’t my strongest side..

Friday 28.12.2018

The christmas are over and returning from celebrations I started working on camera movement yesterday. Took me pretty much the whole day and got quite far before I got too tired and my brain kind of froze. The last feature I was working on that day was a feature to turn objects transparent if they happen to get between the player and camera. Decided to throw it to backburner as it’s not that important in my current stage. Later when trying to fall asleep the solution came to my mind (as they always do when trying to sleep). Finished the feature and working on the camera in the morning and then moved on to crafting the first area of the game.

Figuring out the looks of the level is harsh. I’ve never really done a lot of level designs or environment art. I have reference images running on my screen and a vague idea in my mind but it’s easy to start procrastinating as my mind slowly drifts away from the issue. Tried different methods to get myself going, also looked up some videos where they make 3D caves, as the caves are the environment where my game takes place. Finally managed to get into the flow of designing the level in the evening. Decided that it would be easiest if I just first did the “navmesh” lay out in Blender and then moved on to the artsy side of things. Should have done so right from the get go, but at least I now also have a decent idea of how the caves are going to look like.


First opening

Tuesday 4.04.2017

The first time this site went live! An important piece of history.