What's going on here?

I'm Stein A. Lindmäe and I'm a game designer. Currently I'm in the middle of wrapping up Game Design and Development degree in university and working on my thesis.

Which brings us to the next point: my thesis is going to be a vertical slice of a game called Sofus Research. But the story does not end here! After finishing the thesis part of this game, my intention is to create and publish a fun playable game! And this is what this website is for - to help promote the games I'm currently working on.

Short description about the Sofus Research: It's a 3rd person Action RPG / Hack'n'slash which also aims to offer both active and casual gameplay. The player is kind of a deity or spirit who has been summoned to help fight the spreading evil and save a small civilization. The player's strength relies on the faith that the people have in them.

As for the tools that I'm using - I have to say I'm mostly using freeware applications like Unity, Blender and Gimp.

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